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This is what I do on my summer vacations. Gather useless and random info. *shrugs*

Am now rereading this and researching some stuff on it.

First off, I don't rant. ^^; It's just odd. I can't do it. So this is gonna sound odd. *shrugs*

caillen posted a post before on a community (x_out_sodomy), which is kinda like (____anti_gay), and though I can't find the post, I agree with her.

I don't support that opinion. But I see where they're coming from. It is a different opinion. It doesn't mean they hate. It's just something that I can't see. There's nothing wrong with that.

If everyone had the same views about everything, our world wouldn't be how it is. ie: in the PoT fandom, there would not be crack pairings such as Tezuka/Kirihara.

But going so far as to calling homosexuality an 'illness' and trying to 'cure' people of it is just stupid. Can't they just leave well enough alone? I'm glad that it's not a huge thing going on though.

I'd actually like to meet someone who went to that and talk to them once or so. Maybe it's just me, but I find it kinda interesting. In a bad way. *shrugs*

And no one will get this, but this will be a very important point for a plan I have later. -_o

And with that, I shall stop spamming people's flist now.

Time to be random again.
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