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If CRACK!Oishi #2 broke your brain, I have done my job. Now I need to find him a princess.

I will not even start on Crack!Oishi #1. Mommy Hen still hates me for him.

Yay, Shakespearean sap!

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Dude... you are so cool.

Find the princess Oishi-chuu! *cheerleads him on*
Fair maiden, may I be so bold as to ask for your name? For see, on my quest, you have stumbled upon its path, and I must know if you know of my sweet princess. Or perhaps... you are the one?
Good sir, I must admit I am in quandry. Your advances, while genuine, seem far too forward to profess. We are but strangers, gentle sir. To assume more would be so bold. Show me, nay, tell me whether the convinction shadows your words or if you are nothing but a lark upon the aire.

Deleted comment

YAY! Fellow fan! ♥!

I reckon Shakespeare is crack!Oishi #2's idol. <.<;